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OISHI Masayuki and Associates

[Address]HIKAWA ANNEX 2 #401, 6-9-5 AKASAKA, MINATO-KU,  TOKYO, JAPAN  107-0052   map→


New Business Enquiries
If you have an architectural project you would like to discuss with OISHI Masayuki & Associates, Please feel free to contact us by email with your contact details and a few words about the project.
send to Representative Director, Masayuki OISHI [

Staff ・Open desk recruitment



OISHI Masayuki
First Class Architect
1979 Born in Hiroshima, Japan
2003 Graduated from the Tokyo Metropolitan University (Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture)
2005 Completed the Master Course of Architecture (Master of Engineering in Architecture)
2005-11 Worked at Jun Aoki & Associates
2012   Established OISHI Masayuki and Associates

​​2018   Part-time lecturer at the Nihon University (-2020)

2020-  Part-time lecturer at the Tama Art University

Business description

  • architectural planning・design・supervision (for house, multiple dwelling house, commercial and cultural facilities, Educational, welfare facilities and so on)

  • aseismatic repair・ enlargement of existing buildings・obtainment of inspection certificate

  • interior design (renovation・exhibition planning)/ furniture design & production

  • architectural planning・design・supervision (for park and public space) / Research on cities and regions

[Qualified architect of the first class]No.352008
[Senior registered architect office ]Governor of Tokyo Registration No. 60721
[Members]INOMATA Yuriko・GOYA Tasuku・SOMEYA Leo

                     ・KAKU Haruka・ISHIKAWA Taeko

[Former staff]TSUJIKADO Koshiro・MURAKAMI Asami
[Certifications]first class Architects: 2 people・quantity surveyor: 1 person



2022 "Inazuma Onsen" booksherf(Tokyo, furniture design)

2021 renovation in higashitmagawa(Tokyo, house renovation)

2021 Komazawa apartment(Tokyo, apartment building)

2021 mt.A project(Tokyo, rest house) 

2020 ookayama project (Tokyo, private residence with office)

2020 house in Miyazakidai(Tokyo, private residence)

2020 sakae hiroba park fountain project(Aichi, installation and artwork)

2019 apartment in Yutenji(Tokyo, apartment building)

2019 house in Minami shinagawa(Tokyo, private residence)
2019 renovation in Atago(Tokyo, office renovation)
2018 "KJ" redevelopmen project(Tokyo)
2018 store interior design in Nakameguro(Tokyo, Kimono stop)
2017 Shooshie Sulaiman's library
2017 temple "S" project(Tokyo, temple renovation)
2017 Hiroshi Sugito "module or lacuna" in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum(Tokyo, installation and artwork)

2017 GPa, house in Tajiri-cho(Hiroshima, private residence)

2016 "flaming frame" in collaboration with Hiroshi Sugito in Aomori Museum of Art(Aomori, installation and artwork)

2016 Hiroshi Sugito "particles and realease" in Toyota Municipal Museum of Art(Aichi, installation and artwork)
2016 animal hospital in Onomichi(Hiroshima, animal hospital and private residence)
2016 house in O'ahu(Hawaii, house renovation)
2015 flat in Tomigaya(Tokyo, house renovation)
2015 house in Momiji-cho(Hiroshima, private residence)
2015 historic clinic renovation project(Fukushima, community facilities)
2015 stemming stem window (installation)
2015 B-museum (international competition)
2015 store in Bounoushiro(Aichi, musical instrument store)
2014 house in Mito(Ibaraki, private residence)
2014 store interior design in Sakuraga-oka(Tokyo, Bar)
2014 store interior design in Aoyama(Tokyo, hairdresser's salon)
2013 "BOYOYONG" window(project as SPIDERS)
2012 Ebisudani Project(private residence, cooperation)
2012 house in Nakanobu(Tokyo, house renovation)
2012 furnishings for a studio(Tokyo, furniture design)
2012 clinic in Onomichi(Hiroshima, dental clinic)



Previous Projects at Jun Aoki & Associates
2011 "BOYOYONG" Goya (installation)
2010 Maison AoAo (Tokyo, apartment building)
2009 LEEDS(England, design competition for a complex)
2008 TARO NASU(Tokyo, gallery)
2007 House J(Tokyo, private residence)
2005 Giant's Causeway Visitor Facilities(Northern Ireland, design competition)

Writings and Publications at Jun Aoki & Associates
"Shinkenchiku", August 2010, Maison AoAo
"Shinkenchiku", September 2008, TARO NASU
"GA HOUSES vol.102" December 2007, House J
"Shinkenchiku", December 2007, House J

Awards  *awarded in a group
2003 Annaka  Environment Art Forum International design competition (Excellence Award)*
2003 Fukuyama University Design Competition(honorable mention)
2003 The 17th Architecture and Environment Design Competition(Excellence Award)
2003 The 7th TEPCO Inter College Design Championship (Best award)
2005 The 3rd JIA Exhibition of Student Works for Master's Degree (exhibited)
2005 International competition for Giant's Causeway Visitor Facilities(honorable mention)*
2015 Tokyo Midtown Award (selected as the best 10)
2017 The 7th aseismatic repair award
​2018 The 35th Fukushima Architecture Culture Award(Special category award)

2021    Residential Architecture Prise(Tokyo Society of Architects & Building Engineers​)

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